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Below are examples from the press kit Fun Bunch Creations prepared for Cameron Dorn, our client who broke two Guinness Book of World Records for most burpees completed in 24 hours.  The event was organized to raise money for charities created by Cameron's company, The Suitcase of Courage LLC.  Please browse the photos and descriptions below and click the links to view the examples in more detail.

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Cameron Dorn received his Bachelors in Marketing/Management from Lander University in 2010 and was a graduate of the Lander Leadership Presidential Program. He then received his Masters in 2011 in International Business from the University of Winchester, UK. Cameron is the 2011 AG Duathlon National Champion and 2009 USAT All-American Division II Collegiate National Champion.

Cameron is an endurance athlete and distance runner with a passion for pushing the envelope and testing the limits of his abilities. Running has become his passion after coming from a football and basketball background; these are the two sports he focused on through college.


During his first year of college (2006), he was working at a gym as a trainer and a co-worker said to him one day, “All you do is lift.” The challenge was on! He was a runner focused on endurance, and Cameron was a weight lifter who focused on power. They challenged each another to switch workouts for a week to see how the other handled the change of pace. Cam's longest run up to this point was a challenging 4 miles. Following his first long run over 4 miles, Cameron quickly realized that endurance running was a sport for him and also realized how important nutrition was for performance and recovery.

Since this challenge Cam has never looked back. He quickly gained All-American status and soon was gaining National Championship honors and respect from his peers in the multi-sport community.


• 2009-Present Athlete and Coach at Team Kattouf

• 2011 Duathlon National Champion (18-24 year age group)

• USAT All-American 2009 Division II Collegiate National Champion

• 2009/2011 Upstate Y Triathlon Series Champion

• 2009 Krispy Kreme Challenge Champion

• 3-Time Top-5 Finish in the Set-Up Events South Carolina Triathlon Series

• 2010 Team USA for South America ITU Racing• 

• 14th Place Finish at the 2010 Ironman 70.3 World Championships (time of 4:11)

• 2011 First Ironman (2nd age group – time of 9:56) Ironman Cozumel

• 2011 Midnight 5K Reykjavik Iceland 1st Place Overall Winner

• Over 20 1st Place Finishes at various triathlon/running races

• Published in Endurance Planets’ “Tales of Endurance and Bravado”

Cameron is a TeamKattouf coach to athletes all over the United States and in multiple countries countries. He loves to push the limits of those he coaches, but, always maintaining the work/rest balance that is so important to make positive strides forward. Since he began his multi-sport journey, his passion has become coaching individuals who come from a totally different athletic background and working with them to achieve their goals in multi-sport.