Marketing Services


We at Fun Bunch Creations like to say, "We gain interest in your business fifteen seconds at a time."


Think about it, never before has social media been so engrained in peoples' lives. Whether you are at the office, a party, shopping, or hanging out with friends, someone is bound to be looking at their smart phone. The Fun Bunch team should know this, seeing as our company consists of seasoned professionals born amongst the generation that uses social media most.


So please browse our material below and see how we may help grow your business.

Marketing Strategy Demo Video


Polkadots and Moonbeams, a boutique clothing store located in the heart of Beverly Hills, had a dying social media presence, to change that Fun Bunch created a complete social media marketing strategy that, once initiated, would engage Polkadots & Moonbeams' 

followers and increase the traffic to the Polkadots and Moonbeams store and website.


After viewing the video, read a little about the platforms and methods we use to market your company and generate growth in your business.

Marketing Research


Excellent marketing means better business and happier customers. It also means a happier business owner. How do you stay happy running a business? Hire Fun Bunch Creations of course! But why? Because we know where to start to form a solid marketing plan that is tailored specifically to your business needs. We also know how to implement strategies that will be effective in your chosen industry.


An effective marketing strategy starts with thorough market research. Next it's about delving deep into creative brainstorming to generate fresh ideas that capture the attention of consumers.

Social Media, Blogs, & Emails - In Depth

Fun Bunch excels at performing these tasks:


Conceiving & executing monthly social media marketing plan


Designing & emailing promotions to subscriber lists


Conceiving & tailoring copywriting to match exact needs for each project


Designing graphics & layout for blogs


Creating/editing press releases for events and businesses