Meet the Fun Bunch!

Brock Scott

President Winner of 2015 Bronze Cannes Lion & iABMixx Best In Show, serving as producer/copywriter for Netflix's "Social Trailers". Brock served as Content Director for Circus Marketing from 2014-2016. He has developed projects for Netflix, Warner Brothers, Dallas Cowboys, Barcel USA, and more. As a youngster, he played and coached youth soccer, winning 5 state championships & 5 silver medals. In his free time, he loves dancing, hiking and building businesses.

Mary Cox

Designer/Animator Originally from Oregon, Mary grew up as a Michigander and attended Michigan State University. She began as a Studio Art major concentrating in Graphic Design, while also building her skills and personal enjoyment of painting and mixed media exploration. She has created projects for Barcel USA, Netflix and Warner Brothers Studios.

Juan Huerta

Motion-Graphics Artist Juan graduated from the Digital Media program at FIDM, where he learned various aspects of post production, including editing, graphic design, motion graphics, web design, 3D modeling and sound design. His credits include creating motion graphics & animations for Bellum Entertainment and Quark Entertainment. When Juan isn't working, which is rare, he plays guitar, throws the frisbee, and draws.

Kendel Scott

Project Coordinator Kendel has a masters degree in Spanish from the University of South Carolina and bachelor's degrees in Spanish and Mass Comm & Theatre from Lander University. Kendel brings a wealth of leadership abilities that she gained while teaching high school and college. And she gained marketing experience while working at Subscriber Base, an internet marketing company. In her free time, Kendel travels, water skis, plays tennis, eats sushi, and likes red wine.

Don Scott

Director of Development 25+ years experience as Director of Sales for Thomson Reuters, a Fortune 500 corporation. Manages sales for United States & Europe. A graduate of Lander University. Awarded Alumni of Year in 2013. Former President of Alumni Association. Member of The Lander Foundation's executive committee. When he isn't working, Don dabbles in racing cars and skiing on the snow slopes or in lakes. He also owns a FedEx Ground corporation.