Art & Creative Brainstorming

In a world inundated with an abundance of television and social media, sometimes it's nice to unplug and daydream with pencil or paintbrush. Below are some creative musings to ward of the monstrous monotony of boredom. However, arguments can be made that many great ideas originate from boredom. Think about that and enjoy the art below.

Black & White Abstract Painting
Venus Fly Trap Monster Painting
Abstract Painting Project
The purpose was to use old business cards to create a painting.
Am I Mad Digital Painting
Three Pigs Painting
Comic Frame 1
Created in Illustrator.
Comic Frame 2
Created in Illustrator.
Comic Frame 3
Created in Illustrator.
Chicken Definition Drawing
Digital Photohop - This drawing appeared on the TV show Zoo Clues.
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