Marketing Strategy


The content below demonstrates Fun Bunch Creation's ability to strategize, plan and produce creative marketing campaigns across multiple platforms such as Social Media, Apps, Websites and Paid Media Strategy. Please view our case studies for comprehensive examples of our strategic marketing capabilities.

Brand: Paleta Payaso  Client: Barcel USA

Barcel USA needed to gain brand awareness in the United States with their Latin US target consumers. We created an engaging digital branding concept that translated to in-store promotions and increased sales. We started by learning Barcel USA's business needs. We incorporated sound psychological concepts with industry trends and then created a fantastic idea that engaged their intended audience on Facebook.


Below is the timeline that we created for their digital strategy. It included two seasonal contest promotions (one partnered with the Dallas Cowboys), creating an interactive app that allowed people to create funny stickers, decorate their photos and use an actual Paleta Payaso candy to trigger an animation to tell a joke (see our interactive video games & apps page to view how the app works)

Paleta Payaso Timeline Planner
Fun Bunch Creations believes in planning tentpole events and milestones for each year and also measuring engagement performance with analytics and metrics.
Funny Face App
Designed and Produced the Funny Face App for Paleta Payaso. Here is the screenshot of the app's home screen.
Funny Face App Stickers
The Funny Face app allows you to do many things, one of which is to create custom emoji stickers.
Funny Face App Jokes
The Funny Face App allows you to do many things, such as scanning a Paleta Payaso candy and triggering an animation of a joke.
Paleta Payaso YouTube
This is a mock design for a branded YouTube page for Paleta Payaso.
Costume Contest Splash Page
This is the splash page design for a promotion created for Barcel USA's Paleta Payaso brand.
Paleta Payaso Store Sticker
Created for Paleta Payaso to be placed in store windows to increase in-store purchases.
Pinata Party Promo GIF
This GIF was created for the Barcel USA promo between Paleta Payaso and the Dallas Cowboys.
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