Fun Bunch Creations debutes new production division!

At Fun Bunch Creations we strive to create the most exciting, innovative and fun entertainment possible. However, sometimes we encounter the problem of creating something really cool that might surprise some of our core viewers because of its explicit content and adult-themes. Because our normal week-to-week content creations are family friendly, we have seized the opportunity to expand our horizons and not limit our creative juices.

To achieve this, we have created a new division of Fun Bunch Creations, a division geared toward adults who adore adult humor and cartoons like Archer, Family Guy, and animation blocks like Adult Swim and Animation Domination High-Def. So while we will still produce inspiring animations and short films like “Monster Motivation” and “Fart Head and Ned”, we sometimes do create instant classics like “Cocaine Carebears” (name still subject to change). With that in mind we here at Fun Bunch are proud to announce that we soon will be premiering a second label and channel of videos that will bring animations and short films targeted to an adult audience. This division is hereby known as Fun Bunch AFTER DARK!



We still consider Fun Bunch AFTER DARK as quality entertainment for the whole family (if all of your family is 18 and up, of course). To start off on the right foot, we will premiere AFTER DARK with “Cocaine CareBears,” a short animation that will taint your childhood memories of the loveable Carebears forever. We are already well into production on this really funny cartoon, having recorded all the voices for it a few weeks back and starting on the long but awesome process of animating it. Other projects are currently being developed and it would be a shame to spoil them before they are ready to be spoiled. I hope you all are as excited as us for what is coming and we will talk very very soon, in the mean time…. GO HAVE FUN!