Campaign Animations


Please enjoy the below animation video to understand our ability to strategize and execute engaging digital content for companies and brands.


BMW was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from lost tax credits due to their employees failing to recycle their waste. Fun Bunch Creations created the animation to bolster BMW's "Waste to Energy" environmental sustainability campaign. The video was played throughout the factory of BMW Spartanburg to their 10,000+ employees.  The video was also featured at a recent meeting of the Recycling Market Development Advisory Council for the South Carolina governor appointed board for recycling management. BMW employees embraced the video and the "Waste to Energy" campaign was a success.

Harmony Public Schools needed to provide a reassuring and encouraging message to its nearly 40,000 students and their parents during the 2019-2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Harmony created an excellent (and award-winning) distance learning plan and needed a way to reinforce both their plan and their encouraging message. See the animated sing along song video below: